Accident insurance

Only for Standart Plus and Optimum

In the case of injury to the health or death while being in Belarus, the Insurer pays compensation
Type of injury the compensation amount
Right Left
Loss of arm 1 100 1 000
Loss of forearm 1 000 900
Loss of hand 900 800
Loss of finger without thumb 100 for each finger
Loss of thumb 300
Loss of all fingers 800
Loss of leg 1100
loss of shin 900
loss of foot 800
Loss of the big toe 150
Loss of foot finger, except the big toe 50 for each finger
Loss of all toes on the leg 400
Complete loss of vision 1500
Loss of vision in one eye 500
Total speech loss 1500
Complete hearing loss 1000
Hearing loss in one ear 300
Damage to ligaments in the arm 120
Damage to ligaments in the leg 160
Broken arm 60
Broken leg 80
Death of the person 1 500
Standart Plus
2 000

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